We owe a lot to Si???

Well, this post is not really about the Silicon Valley, the hub of the top-notch companies or the dream destination of the geeks. But this post is all about one element we owe a debt of gratitude, one element that has toggled our lives in a mind-boggling way, the seventh most abundant element in the cosmos and the second most abundant element on the 4.54 billion-year-old crust.

Silicon is a metalloid, something in between a metal and a non-metal. This precious element occurs in the compounds such as Silica Or Quatrz. Like how Life without gadgets is inconceivable, the same holds for gadgets without Si. Without this element, Moore’s law wouldn’t have been plausible. Let’s not ponder about the controversy ‘ End of Moore’s law’ xP.

Albeit Si was proposed as an element by Lavoisier in 1787, it was not until 1824 that the Swedish Chemist Jacob Berzelius isolated the element by heating potassium metal with potassium fluorosilicate. In fact, we owe a lot to Karl Braun who documented and discovered the first semiconductor diode effect and the researchers at the “The Idea Factory, Bell Laboratories” who introduced to us one most important component present in any electronic gadget that we touch today, the transistor.

We are not just entangled in the world of Silicon through gadgets but through countless products that we use in the quotidian life. It’s widely used in healthcare and household products and textile industries. In fact, Silicon needs to be commensurate with calcium to assist it in the formation of bones and cartilage.

So yeah, whenever we use any gadget from now on, let us for a moment pay our gratitude and wait for yet another path-breaking research in the era of Semiconductors!!


Why “Inspiration” ?

As I traveled across the web, I observed one thing common in every person I met, having an INSPIRATION. People who know me really well know that I am someone who gets inspired a lot by people around me. Days slipped into months, months to years, when nothingness surrounded me, it was only my inspiration that was a harbinger of hope, fueling my rocket to success. Different phases of my life saw me with different inspirations due to different reasons. I questioned a lot of people around me, “Why is having an Inspiration important in life?”

Edison once said, “Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration”, the former is the one that ignites the indomitable light of spirit. Having an inspiration serves myriad purposes. For me, It’s always my inspiration that flashes my mind whenever I land in turmoil. Inspiration is what makes me look at the problem from a different perspective and analyse, it transforms my way of thinking and observing the 4.5 billion year old ball. One of my friends elucidated her views of having an inspiration, to her, inspiration was something that gave her an assurance that the path chosen by her had at least some probability of success. She took decisions with respect to the success rate of her inspiration’s path. Few of my friends told that whenever they stubbed their toe against a rock , it was their inspiration that helped them overcome it and outperform. Small drops make up the big ocean, likewise, several pillars make up the majestic palace “Success”. Stories of many heroes who have tasted the fruit of success underpin the significance of the pillar Inspiration.

Next comes the question, “What inspires you?”. Inspiration can be found anywhere and everywhere. Bruce Lee got inspired by a spider building the web, things which might seem silly to one can inspire the other. My mom, dad, friends and so many others have inspired me by their little acts. One of my Inspirations inspire me just by her inspiring words. Here’s something akin to poem that i would like to dedicate to her.

A single Inspiration is just enough to make my day.
My Inspiration soaks me in a bed of positivity,
helping me climb up the steep acclivity,
makes me realize that I have been doing good all these days,
tries to bring out the hidden talent in the best possible ways,
She instills in me the diligence to hope for the best,
also the resilience to come out of the worst.
Its great since she could do all this just by her words.
Mere words..It may sound.But her Words are powerful!!
I owe her a gazillion thanks.

Most importantly, get inspired by your work. Take a break, look back at your footprints and reflect on yourself. Embrace victories as well as failures. Every person will have a yearning for them being an inspiration to others. So, “Get Inspired today to Inspire tomorrow”.


P.C:Thanks a ton my inspirations and friends. You people keep inspiring me every day:)).


Getting closer to Nature!

beach birds calm clouds
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Holding the epitome of Nature’s beauty, this tropical paradise has never failed to excite me. I am a person who loves travelling by trains. Be it Chennai or Delhi, if I am given a choice, I would choose trains to commute. I feel journeys by train will leave you with soul-stirring memories than any other mode of transport. From meeting whimsical people, enjoying the green meadows and vibrant colors to untangling childhood’s cryptic question(relativity and illusion) and of course munching mouth-watering snacks, it’s always a pleasure to travel by trains.

There’s nothing heart-warming than exploring God’s Own country by trains. I would say try to enjoy the scenic beauty of the hazy hills and briny lakes, tailor your itinerary so that you can devote a couple of hours for surrendering yourself to nature. The journey that I re-live almost everyday is the route to Mangalore. From Palakkad to Kozhikode, you would enjoy the serene stretches of backwaters and admire the rustic charm of houses. The railway line from Kozhikode to Mangalore is simply superb!!It was the first time that I ever traveled parallel to the Western Coastal line, I feel blessed to have admired the “Queen of Seas” at a distance of say 500 meters, the cool coastal air brushed off my hair and the mirrored coconut trees was an icing on the cake.

The images of the pristine backwaters hit our mind whenever we hear the name of God’s Own Country. Kerala backwaters are a labyrinth of lakes and lagoons lying parallel to the Arabian Sea and it’s a must visit place. Far away from sophisticated city life, one can enjoy the beauty of the backwaters at its culmination in this quaint little group of islands on the Vembanad Lake, Kumarakom. To reach Kumarakom, you can get down at the Ernakulam Railway station and it will take an hour and a half by road. Cruising in backwaters will often take you closer to nature, needless to say, in Vembanad, you can experience it in the best possible way. Soak in the beauty of backwaters in a House Boat making its way through the paddy fields, swaying coconut trees and the dense mangroves. The glimpse of Chinese fishing nets, aromatic flora, colorful migratory birds, passing clouds and the eddies in water are mesmerizing. Trust me, it is really reviving.

Observing the huge ball of Hydrogen resting in every nuance will enthrall the soul. Sunsets are beautiful at Kumarakom, you will see the saffron-yellow ball drowning in the majestic Backwaters in a matter of few minutes. You can spend quality time at night gazing at the star-studded sky( you should be lucky enough because its cloudy most of the time :D), pondering about the Big-Bang. If you are an aviphile or an ornithologist, then Kumarakom is undoubtedly the ideal place. The bird sanctuary is spread over 14 acres, walk in the wilderness, the trail is a bit enervating but it takes you to a whole new world of vibrant birds, Siberian cranes and migratory birds from Himalayas. All you can hear is the chirping of the birds in the midst of the lushy green forest that spells adventure.

“Some places should not be Googled, just discovered!” It’s a way too contradictory to my hobby, Web travelling. I quoted it because apart from leaving our footprints on the well traveled paths on the web, when you visit them in real, plump for the roads less taken to discover places and get closely knit with nature. Let’s Jolt out of our comfort zones and reflect on ourselves as that infuses new colors to our greying senses.

P.S: Don’t miss out on Kumarakom! Taste the authentic Kerala dishes, particularly Appam, Stew and Kadala Curry xD.


Unravelling the “Land of Thunderbolt”

Do misty climates, cascading waterfalls, clouds all around you, picturesque Kanchenjunga peaks and carpeted tea plantations excite you? Did you just get chills? Don’t you want to savour and satiate the quench? Are you super excited to leave your footprints on the highest railway station in the whole of Asia? Then here’s the place, the “land of the thunderbolt” is all set to greet you with wonders (adventurous tranquility) that will get riveted to your memory. Each and every moment,day in and out, be it Nikon or Sony that’s gonna capture the captivating views, the neurons are sure to get fired in complex coordinated patterns to etch them in the quantum computer(a controversy though xD).

There’s no dearth for tranquility and serenity in the place, infact one can go to abysmal depths in terms of exploration. I am gazing open-mouthed just by seeing the images, such feat this place offers to the eyes of the beholder. Most of us fancy travelling in push-pull trains. I often re-live my memories of Ooty Toy train but the king of all the toy trains in the whole of our planet is here, “Darjeeling Himalayan Railway” (a UNESCO Heritage site). I would say the best way to commute and enjoy the virgin beauty is to take a diesel engine hauled train( DHR Toy train) from New Jalpaiguri (NJP) to Darjeeling.  Since its inception in 1881, these narrow gauge tracks have been closely associated with wars, colonial history and transport. The train covers the steep gradient, a distance of about 80 kms in 7 hours. The journey begins from NJP, the train rides past age-old stations such as Siliguri Town.

It is from Sukna the real ascend starts, there will be countless complicated loops and zig-zags to vanquish the steep gradient. The landscape often will make you fall for it, be it dense pine forests, mountain streams, breathtaking loops, emerald green tea gardens, steep rocky mountains, Tibetian monasteries or the design of the railway stations. Don’t ever forget to get down at the second highest railway station in the world “Ghoom”. Walk into a random cafe, and you would see happy localites chortling, take a sip of the heavenly aromatic tea, whose taste and standard is still unmatched with regard to any other tea. Rather than can calling me a Tea connoisseur, I would call myself a tea lover and my yearning to fulfill this desire is unfathomable. One more fascinating thing is you would almost travel in parallel to the Hill Cart Road (NH 55)  and tracks criss cross the roads. The train then moves through the Batasia loop( a spiral loop) to descend towards the destination. From the Batasia loop, view of the pristine peaks and the hustle and bustle of the town is mesmerizing.

Rightly called “Paradise unexplored”, Darjeeling offers you a handful of places to visit like Japanese Peace Pagoda, Sandakphu trek, Rock garden, Tea plantations and monasteries. The most beautiful landmark is the Tiger Hills. Where else in the world can you witness the “Best of Sunrise”?The twin peaks of Kanchenjunga gets embellished with the golden-orange sprinklers on it, rays from the saffron-yellow star in the Solar system. Pristine white snow capped peaks of Everest adorn it on either side. I bet “Woahhh!!” would be your reaction. The image just stays in front of my eyes and I am at a loss of words to articulate its beauty. Never forget to start your journey in the wee hours, because the route to the Tiger Hills gets trafficky in the peak season. If you are an adventure seeker, do head to the Teesta river and experience the nail-biting and enthralling white water rafting.

Do visit to explore the unexplored paradise (at least on the web xP). The green ambience, clean air and cloudy sky is sure to transport you to a different world.

P.S: Don’t forget to taste delectable homemade kachoris, samosas and pakoras served by local women xD.

What’s in store for you at the ‘City of Victory’?

India is certainly a land of rich cultural heritage and legion of incredible monuments stand as a testimony to the fact. Ruled by so many magnificent heroes,(just google the list of monarchs, you would be shocked:D) from Indus Valley Civilisation….., Mughals to Nawabs and Nizams, India indeed has become a land of diversity.The incredible structures are the footprints that the valiant rulers left on the sands of time.

All of us had had multiple answers to one question” What do you want to be when you grow up?” in different phases of our life and I still remember my answer to that question was to join Archaeological Survey of India.I am probably in search of what invokes my curiosity to delve deep into history and monuments.So, from Western ghats lets move on to the North, its time to explore the man made wonders.If you are a history buff, I would say you must visit the golden trio-Delhi-Agra-Jaipur.There is this well planned place that I have been longing to visit over the past few years.I am at a loss of words to express its beauty(Nope it’s not the Taj xP).

The “City of Victory” stands no less in its grandeur compared to the Taj. Its just 43 kms from Agra and 5 hours from our National capital,yet another planned city .With its welcoming highest gateway “Buland darwaza” and intricately sculpted architecture, this place atleast requires a day to explore.Its an amalgam of Islamic and native Indian Architecture,built massively with red sandstone.One of the impressive monuments is the Diwan-i-Aam or the Hall of Public Audience.The Colonnaded dalan,Throne Chamber and carved balustrade adds beauty to the building.The “simple yet beautiful” building is a masterpiece. Infact it reflects upon Emperor Akbar’s benevolent nature, his profound thoughts that led to the origination of a new religion “Din-ilahi”.

Next comes the Panch Mahal that’s similar to the design of a Buddhist Temple.The building is supported on 84 columns that once had jalis( latticed screen that features an intricate pattern based upon geometry and Calligraphy) between them.It stands tall and sturdy as a perfect example of Indo Islamic architecture.It is a five-storeyed structure and atop the building, one gets to view the majestic city and its fortification.Trust me, if you visit Fatehpur Sikri in the ideal season( November to March), the soothing winds, the misty clouds and the awe-inspiring architecture would leave an indelible imprint in your mind. Make sure that you certainly unravel places like Jama Masjid, Hiran Minar and Diwan-i-Khas. You can even do shopping at Sikri but Chandini Chowk is the perfect place to shop in.The saddening fact is that, despite being a UNESCO world heritage site, it is not maintained up to its mark.

So, to all the history buffs out there, don’t miss out this place and Happy Travelling on the Web xD.

P.S: If you are a photo fanatic, then its time to visit Fatehpur Sikri and unveil the shutterbug in you!!







So here I am, a Wanderlust but on the web.I have always dreamt of places to explore.In fact there is a bucket list that has the most iconic places to travel,crazy modes of travel and other stuff.So to all the globetrotters out there, its okay if you cannot travel and visit the places on your bucket list(but try your level best xD) in real, you can certainly be a web traveler like me.Indeed it is true that we will not experience the feel of seeing the places in real, but its the best way to satiate our thirsts to travel, explore places and meet people.

I am not the kind of one who loves to write but I am someone who gets inspired a lot by the people around me.I am very grateful to all my inspirations who directly or indirectly sowed the seeds of writing in me.This is my first post on my blog and I would like to share one of my personal favorites, the first item on my bucket list.Having been to Goa by Train, I would say there is one sight to behold that one simply cannot fathom without being there.If you are the kind of one who finds mental peace and pleasure in nature, you would simply love it.I was just 10 years old when I  witnessed its beauty, 10 years passed by and I love to go there again.

There are few ways to reach the place.The way that I would like to travel is get down at Castle Rock station and trek from there is around 14 km.When you get down,you would be amidst the lushy green forests.The trail begins and you have to walk through strange tunnels and curvy tracks.When a train passes by , you just have to get off the track and wait for it to pass.Its truly adventurous and would take around 5 hrs to reach the most picturesque “Dudhsagar Waterfalls”.It gives you a feeling of elixir being showered from heaven.The milky white falls, the green cover around it are a sight to behold.If you are lucky enough, you can even get a glimpse of a rainbow.The seven colors add more beauty to the misty sky,kind of a cheery on top.I think I would be left in an awe,scrambling to pick up my jaws if i see it in real.To reach back, you would have to wait for a train that hardly stops(hitchhiking though) or get to the Station back again.

So globetrotters,just chase your dreams and travel on the web:):).LIVE TO TRAVEL……